Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Before and After

After years of hearing Ashley may or may not need braces we were thrust into the world of hardware last fall. It started with her worst nightmare: an expander. She was a trooper.

Last Wednesday we returned to have the expander removed, and (hopefully) have molds made for Invisilign. Unfortunately she was not a candidate for invisilign because it would have involved being without any hardware for 6 weeks, during which time her teeth would slip.

The obligatory before and after shots:

She aged in the 2+ hours she was in the office. The plan is she will wear the braces for two years, leaving her with beautiful teeth in the end. By the next morning, the two front teeth (which had been crossing each other) straightened out, thus giving us hope the back teeth (which are in sideways thanks to the cross-bite) will also fall into place.

Most of us know the drill: no sticky or hard foods for the next two years. I missed corn on the cob most when I had my braces. Wonder what Ashley will miss the most in the end.

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