Saturday, February 20, 2016

Funny Dreams

I don't tend to remember my dreams, but there was this morning about three weeks ago I woke up and not only remembered parts of dreams I wanted to record them. I typed them here, but didn't plan on sharing them until I had a chance to sit with them.

The first was I attended a reunion for my co-ed college fraternity in Florida. Mind you, we were a local fraternity based on the campus of Trenton State College, therefore it would only make sense to host such a reunion in New Jersey. The other odd thing was our fraternity only lasted about 10 years (I was a founder, my sister (Melissa) was in one of the last classes). This was our 30th reunion (we were formed in 1990, so the math was a fail) and I did not recognize most of the names and faces. We met in a conference hall with assigned stadium seats. There were pictures of each of us at our official seats. Way too organized for Kappa.

Fast forward a couple of weeks. Kappa Wendy was on vacation on the other side of the globe and met a man wearing a jacket that said Kappa on it, it was even in our official colors (red and black). She jokingly posted he was from our Korean Chapter.

The other dream was even stranger. I ran Ran a 10 mile race with an 8:52 pace, which worked out to 89 minutes. The math even worked out (unlike in the Kappa dream). Sandy Claws Dragon was in my hip sack throughout the race. The race was held on Father's Day. In lieu of medals, we were each handed a phone so we could call dad to either wish him a Happy Fathers Day, or tell him how we did in the race, but not both. Given how awesome my time was, I wanted to tell him both. It was actually a dilemma for me since I am an 11:05 miler, and to cut over a minute off of my time would have been extremely noteworthy.

I mentioned this dream to a friend. She suggested I am struggling with trying to make a decision in my life. Choosing one means I can't also choose the other. I've been mulling over what fork is in the road for me right now.

Now I want to keep a notebook by the side of my bed and try to jot down notes from more dreams before I forget them. Maybe one day I will have a dream that helps me figure out this crossroad and what to do about it.

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