Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Seward Johnson in NYC

After strolling through Central Park to take pictures of Manhattanhenge, Don and I were surprised to see some of our favorite Seward Johnson sculptures -- many of which we had last seen at Grounds for Sculpture during his Retrospective exhibit. We felt as if we had unexpectedly bumped into old friends.

The statues are along Broadway in the Garment District. The Selections from the Retrospective exhibit runs through September 15, 2015.

This story is best told though pictures. Enjoy!

This was one of Ashley's favorites during the Retrospective

What a perfect setting for this particular statue. Around the same time, Ashley saw it in Normandy.

They look a bit out of their element.

I love that the subject he is painting changed to reflect the setting.

While I can picture them strolling the streets of NYC, I picture that stroll taking place more than 100 years earlier.

Some of these are copies of ones still on display at Grounds for Sculpture. If you are in NYC, it is worth a stroll.

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