Tuesday, July 21, 2015

NJ Weedman Joint

During the July Trenton Social Ride, Reed told us about a new restaurant in Trenton called NJ Weedman Joint and Sanctuary. It is located directly across the street from City Hall. In a continuation of our 20 Child-free Days, we went there for lunch before heading into NYC for Manhattanhenge.

When we got there, the place looked closed. Considering we had visited their website before going, we were a little disappointed. After peering in the window, they opened the doors to us and gave us a grand tour -- of the small seating area, the large backyard garden (complete with someone weeding), and the sanctuary. We were asked if we wanted a membership, a question which turned us both mute. We were encouraged to take pictures. For once we did not take any pictures. The backyard garden is where medical marijuana patients will be allowed to light up.

Despite the name, no marijuana is on the menu. Not even hemp burgers, something we have eaten in Montreal and Portland, Oregon. Beef and pork are also not on the menu. Their aim is to serve affordable healthy food -- something which nowadays feels like an oxymoron when we eat out.

Literally directly across from Trenton City Hall
We went on a Sunday, a day when very few restaurants are open in the city. It was also the day after they had a big concert. The people could not have been nicer. They apologized for their scant menu offerings. Fortunately they were exactly what we wanted (turkey burger and salmon burger on whole wheat buns with a side salad). The prices cannot be beat -- the burgers were $4.20 each. There is symbolism behind the prices, which is explained on the website since this is the type of thing that goes over my head.

Ed Forchion, the owner is hoping to use this restaurant to help fund his legalizing marijuana activism. 

The food was very good. The people are even better. In the 30 minutes we were there, more people arrived and the little restaurant soon filled up. They profess to serve everyone from those wearing a suit and tie to those wearing tie dye. 

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  1. Hopefully RE-opening soon; plan to be there! Fundraiser 5 aug 2018.