Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Disney, but not Disney

Our 20 Child-free Days continued with a quick trip down to Orlando, Florida. The plan was to continue spending time doing things we enjoy, that Ashley does not necessarily enjoy, though she is often a good sport.

On the other hand, how could we go to Orlando without visiting Walt Disney World. Hmm... 

We opted to have lunch at Sanaa, located in the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Due to my restricted diet of carb counting, we went with fairly boring food choices. The menu is African/Indian food. Don used to babysit the head chef. I wanted to go with something more exciting, but didn't feel like figuring out how many carbs were in a serving of lentils and Jasmine rice, so I went with the chicken on naan. Don's choice of beef on potato with veggies and "the green stuff" would have also worked.

 The food was delicious (thanks to Chef Andy's team). We scored a table with a lovely view of the vistas. During lunch we could watch the zebras in the distance, but were more distracted by the lizards close up. Made us miss Sandy, who was staying with a friend. It was fun looking out the window, but it was even more fun spending time with Don.
Looking cool and relaxed

After lunch, we strolled around the hotel looking at more animals and enjoying the beautiful day. Our Disney, but not Disney time continued with strolling around Downtown Disney and being amazed by all of the construction and the upscale shops. We left there without buying anything but the chocolate mouse ears we shared. 

Actually, this was taken on our way to the airport a few days later.

Following are more pictures of animals.

One of Sandy's cousins?

Reminded us the view we often have of our cats

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