Thursday, June 4, 2015

Always carry your camera

Today Catie (my cute, girly bike) and I went for a 15 mile ride. As I was leaving the driveway I realized my camera was still at home. Since I wasn't planning on riding any place new, and it was a pretty overcast day, I decided to leave without it.

Big mistake! As I was riding on the Lawrence Hopewell Trail on the Lawrenceville campus I heard happy sirens. You know, the kind that announces Santa Claus is coming for a visit, not the kind that says MOVE IT -- we have a CRISIS! I pedaled up to Main Street where I saw the Special Olympic torch bearer about to switch to another torch bearer. I took these pictures with my 4 year old iPod, but think of how much better it would have been with my DLD (Dinky Little Digital). *sigh* I swear I saw a torch when it was live, not seeing it in my pictures.

Had I returned for the camera, though, I would have just missed this experience.

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Displaying photo.JPG

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