Tuesday, April 22, 2014


When our kids are little we note every milestone -- first smile, first time sleeping through the night, first time crawling, first step, first tooth, first word (hi), first time sitting up alone, etc. We added unconventional items to the list: first Thunder game, first trip to the zoo, first time yanking the bib off, first bee sting, etc.

As parents, though, we don't often note the end of a stage. Most times growing up happens without our realizing it. One day we have a little kid, then all of a sudden they are grown up, or at least making steps in that direction.

Last Sunday was Easter. In the past Easter was celebrated with egg hunts. This year we had the opportunity to go to the same egg hunts, the weather was even nice, but Ashley had no wish to go.  Part of me missed the social aspect of hanging out at the hunts (as a baby, I had to it with her, but as she got older I could hang with the other moms). The other part of me was glad to eliminate the running around and enjoy a quiet day at home.

As a big kid, though, she recognizes her responsibility to keep the fun alive for the little ones. She still hunted for eggs with her cousins.

She also still wanted an Easter bunny, or in this case, an Easter kitty.

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