Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Egg hunts

Easter weekend was quite busy. I went to 4 egg hunts -- two for Patch, one for the family and one for friends. They were each different, and each a lot of fun!

Township Egg Hunt
200 children -- 4 fields -- and one Easter Bunny. 

The morning started chilly, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. I covered the event for the Lawrenceville Patch:

I remember when Ashley was one of the little kids, we would go and see her township friends. It was a lot fun. Now, the only kids her age who do come, have little siblings. I saw my niece and nephew, and some other people I know, but it just wasn't the same as when I was one of the parents cheering for my little girl to find eggs.

McCormick Family Egg-stravaganza

A record number of the McCormick kids' classmates turned out for this hunt. That morning Debbi and Mike ran the Trenton Egg Hunt for the Kiwanis club. They took the 3,000 eggs out again and tossed them in their backyard. They also hide eggs with each child's name on it. The 30-35 kids had so much fun finding eggs, the McCormicks kept tossing them back out on the lawn. 

Venner-Hullfish Families Egg Hunt

The Venner and Hullfish families have been hosting an egg hunt in Lawrenceville since 1929. Even though families have moved out of the area, they return every year to dye 45 dozen eggs and hide them next to the Lawrenceville Swim Association. This year about 80 kids (including Ashley and a couple of her friends) hunted for these eggs. 50 of the eggs are identified with initials of family members. Kids who find those eggs receive a special prize. 

This year we helped them dye eggs on Good Friday. We loved the way they welcomed us into their family tradition and encouraged us to return next year to help again. Their goal is to keep this alive at least until the 100th egg hunt in 2028.

I love the tradition. I love the generosity of the families. We hope to help them again next year.

This was part of the same Patch article:


The last hunt had a lot less kids, but was a lot of fun. My parents, and Aunt Barbara hide a few dozen eggs around the yard and have the four grandchildren -- Aimee (almost 4), Daniel (4 1/2), Hayden (7) and Ashley (9) hunt for them. Ashley rehid some of her eggs so the little ones could find them and keep giggling. She is turning into such a big kid.

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