Monday, April 16, 2012

Main Street, part 2

After an intense month of studying Main Streets, and interviewing unsuccessfully for the position of Executive Director of Lawrenceville Main Street, I've gathered some thoughts as to what I would need to have within a mile of my home to live car-light.

  • Library -- we go nearly everyday to our local branch
  • Church
  • Small grocery store -- something with more than junk food in it so I can pick up a few items
  • Ice cream shop
  • Card shop with small gifts
  • Schools -- growing up in Paramus I didn't realize the luxury of walking to the middle and high school, especially with after school activities
  • Park -- for Ashley to play in, for running, cycling
  • Entertainment -- community theater, art gallery
  • Locally owned restaurants that are reasonably priced
The ideal probably does not exist. Princeton is pretty close to perfect -- the high taxes, though, dampen its perfection.

Newtown, PA also has a lot to offer, but the high school is not near any homes.

Wish Media, PA had the high school closer to the middle school as their Main Street has a nice combination of businesses and services.

Of course as a Disney fan, the term "Main Street" makes me think of Disneyland. Main Street, USA has a town hall, opera house, bakery, restaurants, shops, mailboxes, and Ragtime Robert at Coke Corner. No schools, though, which probably adds to its feeling of perfection in the eyes of children.

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