Monday, April 14, 2014

2014 Rutgers Unite 8K/Half Marathon

I'm not a huge fan of repeating races. I feel the same way about reading the same book more than once, or watching the same movie. I feel like "been there, done that." There are exceptions to every rule. Both years I even managed to take a picture with the Scarlet Knight.

Yesterday I ran the Rutgers 8K for the second year in a row. With a couple of minor changes, you can read last year's post and see what this year's race was like.

1) 2014 was a lot warmer -- 65 degrees at the finish, after adjusting to polar vortexes, I found it a bit warm by mile 3.

2) I was lapped by only one half marathoner this year, but my time was slower (57:09 vs. 58:43), still under an hour.

3) The post race food was blah this year vs. outstanding last year (no yogurt parfaits). My bag had: a pre-made Smuckers PB&J sandwich, a pretzel, a banana and a bag of chips. My friends all got TK Butterscotch Krimpets, too. I feel gypped! 

4) Last year's shirt was a nice, girl-cut shirt vs. this year's unisex cut (unisex=men's cut). I spoke with a race director who agreed with me that women are taking over this sport, and we should have clothes that fit. 72% of the Philadelphia Love Run were women. So when do men have to start dealing with having unisex=women's cut shirts? That is a big benefit to doing women's only races.

5) I missed seeing Team Rutgers Sparkle, but was happy to bump into Debbie.

Passing my alma mater in the home stretch -- wish they did not take the words LIBRARY SCIENCE out of their name.

Flat Jacquie -- I wore shorts under the sparkle skirt. So glad I left my jacket in the car.

AWESOME medal! It is even engraved on the back with the date of the race. Okay, the shiny medal might entice me to sign up again next year. By then I will have forgotten about the lack of yogurt parfaits at the finish line.

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