Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Summer Fun

I think the Summer of 2012 has been one of my favorite summers thus far. We spent most of it at home, or close to it. We saw lots of friends and family. I'm sad to see it come to an end.

I summed up our summer recently to a friend in the following message (since edited):

* Ashley thinks having a bearded dragon is even better than she ever imagined. I still can't believe we own a reptile.

* Ashley taught herself how to do a handstand and a cartwheel. She enjoys doing them over and over and over again. Skills I never mastered! 

* We survived our "cruise to nowhere" out of NYC. This satisfied my desire to see the inside of a cruise ship -- a wish that dated back to the 1980s when I watched "The Love Boat" each week. Not sure if we will go on a cruise again, but if we do I want to go somewhere -- preferably someplace without rain.

* Don rode his bike 200 miles in June. I'm tired just thinking about it.

* Our contractor finished our master bathroom project. We now have 2 1/2 working bathrooms again (the 1/2 being the downstairs powder room). It will be nice not having to wait in line for a shower again. Reminded me too much of college days. Ashley is happy to have "her" bathroom back again.

* I'm thinking I am insane for signing up for two more half marathons (Columbus, OH on October 21 with family, and Trenton on November 10 alone since my friends signed up for the 10K). Hopefully once school starts and the humidity disappears I'll enjoy running again.

* Ashley was cast as Lucy in "Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe." November 30-December 16 at Somerset Valley Players. I see lots of drives to Hillsborough in our near future. She sees lots of lines to memorize (120 of them). Should be a good show as the director is insisting on British accents for the family members and is treating the children as adults.

* I signed up to join a couple of committees -- Sustainable Lawrence and Somerset Valley Players. Trying to gain some grant writing experience. I believe strongly in both of these organizations and look forward to seeing where this takes me.

* One of my Patch articles received the WPIX Pix of the Day award earlier this month. With it comes bragging rights and nothing else. Freelancing was light this summer. I'm looking for more steady income once the school year starts again.

* Ashley loved Terhune Farm Camp, Lenape Camp (Junior Counselor again this year), VBS, and a few days in Williamsburg with my parents. Most of the days she was in camp I was running in the heat and humidity. I'm really looking forward to more pleasant running weather. What doesn't kill me just makes me stronger, right?

* Saw all three plays at Edison's Plays in the Park as well as a couple of other community theater productions. Wish I saw more shows.

* We loved going to Music in the Park almost every Thursday this summer. We only missed the one week to cover the Sustainable Jersey Farm to Table Fundraiser at Terhune for the Lawrenceville Patch.

* We learned how to Skype this summer! Ashley had several Skype playdates with Emma, her best friend from kindergarten who now lives in Michigan.

* I was thrilled to get together with Melanie and her family in NYC, Karin and Michelle at Quiet Valley Historical Living Farm, and Heather and Jolie at their house. Play dates with Sophie, Maia and other friends too far to see regulary, in addition to play dates with closer friends, such as Emily, plus pool dates with my parents, and a visit with Aunt Barbara and Uncle Al. Don couldn't believe he got together with Tony in NYC after all these years. We enjoyed three Kappa parties (thanks Pattersons, Kaspers, and Trish) -- one in each part of New Jersey. (If I left anyone out, blame it on my old brain cells and not on our lack of having fun with you -- the joy of an online newsletter is that I can edit it in a flash.)

* We all read lots of books, most of which we borrowed from our local library.

The best part of summer, though, was seeing Ashley's spark return. Her eyes twinkled. She became animated and really fun to be with again. I want that 
spark to always remain with her.

Guess it has been a busy summer after all. 

Tell us about your summer!

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