Thursday, August 2, 2012

Music in the Park

Most Thursday summer nights, Lawrenceville, NJ has their own bit of "Small Town Americana." Lawrenceville Main Street has a weekly program called Music in the Park.

There is something for everyone. The older crowd sits up close in their lawn chairs and listens to the music. The in-betweeners (that's us) hang out with our friends and catch up on summer news. The people with small kids either sit up close, or sit in the back. Kids ages 5-15 hang out in the back playing with balloons provided by Roma Bank.

In addition to music, a local restaurant sells food at rates that are much lower than they charge in their restaurants. The meals are also smaller, but for under $20 the three of us can have a nice meal. I like being able to support a local restaurant. 

Pictured above is Off the Map, a new band made up of members of Miss Amy's Big Kids' Band. I was impressed this new group played 90 minutes of original music. Way to go!

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