Thursday, December 29, 2011

Boxing Day in Morristown, NJ

In our family, Boxing Day is also known as my Dad's birthday. With Christmas falling on a Sunday, Don had the 26th off from work. We decided to meet up with my parents in Morristown, NJ to celebrate Dad's 68th birthday, and see some history.

Our first stop was the Ford Mansion. General Washington and his entourage stayed here in the winter of 1779-1780. The Ford Family, widow and her 4 children, shared their home with Washington, Martha Washington, 5 aides-de-camp and 18 servants. Eric, our guide, told us sometimes they housed 30-50 people, and had entertained up to 100 people.

View out the keyhole. Ashley had the original idea, Don may have taken this picture. Hard to tell as the camera keeps being passed between the three of us.

Looks like the aides-de-camp just walked away for a few minutes.

Further up the road is the Wick House at Jockey Hollow. I have fond memories of visiting Aunt Debra here when she was a docent in the mid-1970s. To me, the place has not changed a bit. My parents, though, could spot the changes.

For as well-lit as the Ford Mansion was, the Wick House was just as dark.

Though a little brisk, it was a beautiful day for a mile hike up to the cabins where the soldiers spent the winter of 1779-1780. These huts were reconstructed in the 1960s. What surprised us was how the configuration of the 12 bunks varied in each hut.

Damage from the Halloween 2011 snowstorm was still evident. Lots of downed trees and piles of branches. They seem to be falling faster than the park services can keep on top of them.

Lunch was at the Minuteman Restaurant, a pie shop/diner I remember eating in when my parents took us to Morristown. The place has not changed much since the mid-1970s -- I believe Mom said she remembered different artwork on the walls. Not surprisingly, I could not find a website for the restaurant. It is the kind of place that has not been touched by 21st century technology. A great place to dine while time traveling.

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