Tuesday, December 20, 2011

PillsPress as a Blog

Last December the Pillsbury Press went online as a blog: At the time we planned to have both an electronic version and traditional Christmas card edition. Twelve months later we are second-guessing that logic. While we are not saying this is the 19th and final edition of the Pillsbury Press, it might be.

Please visit our blog for more stories and pictures about us. Blog stories include tours of historic sites we visited this year, as well as my impressions of each of them. There are stories about the plays we were in. We also wrote about two trips to Virginia. During one of them we visited with Judy and Mike Wodynski. Judy is the person responsible for Don and me meeting on June 12, 1989. There is also more information about our giant road trip and our trip to the Statue of Liberty. Mostly it is a collection of activities too small to fit here.

If you are not online, we can print the articles for you.

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