Thursday, October 18, 2018

Disneyland Paris - Semi Marathon 2018

For the third year in a row I ran 22 kilometers (13.1 miles) through Disneyland Paris. As I did it this year, I decided next year I would rather run the Paris to Versailles 10-miler, which is the same weekend. We'll see what happens in 2019.

In 2016 the plan was to run the race with Don. His doctor advised against it. I ran it alone and LOVED the course. It went through the countryside of Marne-le-Vallee and was beautiful. I felt the surrounding towns embraced the runners and gave us lots of much needed crowd support.

I returned in 2017 with Don. Surprisingly he ran with me the whole time. It was a new course, but still a lot of fun. 

I see I didn't note my finish time either year. This year it was around the three hour mark.

One of the best costumes
I have seen at a Disney race.
I wore my Disney race shirt skirt.
This year the magic wasn't in it for me. The forecast was calling for 67 degrees (a little warm for running) and up to 50 MPH wind gusts while spritzing (not committing to raining, but also not committing to being dry). I was in the last corral (E). It started eight minutes late (the other two years it started on time). By the time they go to my corral it nearly an hour later. I had a 1 PM train to catch to go to Belgium. I knew I had to finish by 11 AM in order to get back to the room, take a shower, take the local train back to Disney, and catch the TGV. It meant not being able to relax and enjoy the race, which is a shame. I did have fun hanging out in E waiting to start.
Cruella de Vil entertaining us.
I missed the Retro Euro Pop entertainers
from the past two years.

I wasn't into it from before I left for Paris. This year's runs have been marred by head games. I looked up last year's time. It was 2:43.06 and that was with stopping for lots of pictures. Of course, there is a chance my app shut down while I was standing in lines, but that is still a minute faster per mile than this year. I was smiling more and enjoying every minute of it last year. Running is very mental.

The start

The course was the same as the year before, a lot of time spent on Disney property both on stage and back stage. I took pictures, but did not pose for any with characters. It helped this year's theme was villains, and I'm not interested in standing in a long line for a picture with a villain. I know a lot of people love the villains, they can have my place in line. 

Being eaten by a giant dinosaur
in the Toy Story section.
We started the race in Studios, then back stage, then over to Disneyland. I see I did take a lot of pictures during the race, I just didn't stop and pose for them. As always, the cast members gave us lots of energy with their enthusiasm. I love seeing them lined up and cheering, even though they must have been cheering for over an hour before I passed them.

Starting in Studios:

Running through the entrance way to Studios.
Then back stage:
I didn't feel there were as many amazing
costumes this year, but I dd like this group.
I think the rain kept the costumes away.

Love that the firefighters support us.

Then the most magical section, the Magic Kingdom:

Halloween decorations were starting to appear.

A rare selfie

No matter which Disney I am visiting, always magical running along Main Street.

The cast members really make it fun.

A castle shot!

More cast members.

This is uniquely Disneyland Paris. I love Alice in Wonderland.

Leaving the castle.

Can never have enough castle shots.

It's a Small World -- so true.

Running through Tomorrowland.
Here we leave Disneyland to run eight miles on Disney-ish property. The hotel area is clearly Disney owned. There is also a town that reminds me of Celebration, Florida that seems related to Disney, even if it is public property.

Bye bye Disney. See you soon.

I thought about posing under this and
having someone take my picture. I don't
know what is from. Often there are parts
from the parade back stage, but this looked
more permanent. Don't remember seeing it last year.

Go local high school musicians! More power to them being
out in the drizzle. I hope their instruments are fine.

One of many costumes that did not seem running-friendly.

Told you I love Alice.

A message we all need to hear often.
(You are the best.)

I love this off-road section. They have used it all three years.

My FAVORITE part is seeing the cheerleaders.
Allez-allez GO GO GO!
This year I told one of their adults (in two languages)
how much I appreciate their support.

Another not running-friendly costume.

Cruella, so we meet again. 

I don't get it, but he seemed happy.

The dreaded Balloon Ladies! Also known as the official last place participants. They start after everyone else and mark the end of the race. Others were behind them, I guess they hadn't reached a sweeping point yet. They were at least two miles behind me, but they still put a fear into me. Unlike last year, I didn't have the burst I needed to kick it into high gear.

I realized later one of the differences was I did not eat or drink anything before the race. A banana and a cup of tea would have gone a long way towards fueling me for the race.

Back to Disney property:

Love this -- and love her mouse costume.

This is where we stayed last year.
This year I stayed at an AirBnB 20 minutes away (seven minute RER ride, plus 12 minute walk).
If I were to do it again, I'd stay a stop or two away. The train station is near the start line.

Ahh...I finished. No time to linger at the finish line.

It is Disney, so the swag was awesome. The short-sleeved women's cut tech shirt fits just right, unlike last year when they were cut super small (and since turned into a running skirt).

Love the medals -- from left to right: 2016, 2017, and 2018.
They get better each year.

One final note, I received many compliments on my awesome running skirt. I know I linked to it already in this post, but thought it deserved a second link. Thank you, Rebekah for making it for me. It is fun to wear.

Happy running!

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