Wednesday, December 6, 2017

NYC Window Displays

Each year we seem to travel to less window displays, and each year there seems to be less department stores with window displays. This year we only went to Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylors, and Macy's -- the ones that typically are our favorites, and most in the area of where we are going. Bloomingdale's we usually deem too far to hike to.

HERE is a link to doing a walking tour of all six sets of windows. It is a two mile loop.

After the obligatory picture in front of The Tree, we walked around the block to Saks Fifth Avenue (no way were we walking through Rockefeller Center if we could avoid it).

Saks themed their windows in honor of the 80th anniversary of Snow White.

We had dinner at The Counter -- a restaurant we frequent when we go into NYC because we are creatures of habit, and because we all always leave full and happy.

Continued our stroll to Lord & Taylors. Typically the windows at L&T are my favorites because they are so classic. This year I was not as enamored by them. They were images from inside a snow globe, I think. Don liked the unicycle barely visible in the second window we saw (we went backwards, which may not have helped with the story telling aspect of it). It is in the center of the image that is mostly in red.

I really like the touch of the taxis carrying Christmas trees.

Finally we went to Macy's. In recent years their windows have been too high tech for me, but they seem to have toned that down this year so you could enjoy it without the bonus electronics.

Made me think of the start of our day when we rode the subway.

A little marketing plug in front of a department store, go figure.

As they say in Santaland, Merry Christmas.

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