Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Disneyland Paris (2017)

The original plan was to only blog about the 5k, 10k, and half marathon races since a year ago I blogged about Disneyland Paris. How much could it have changed in a year?

The reality is, this is Disney. Disney is good at marketing. Disney always wants to give you a reason to return so they are always making changes. Some slight, some bigger.

The big change this year is they are celebrating their 25th anniversary, so there were some blue decorations that reminded us of the blue used during Disneyland's Year of a Million Dreams.

Big Thunder Mountain was open! Last year I was disappointed to see it was closed and the lake was dredged. Both were up and running now. Unfortunately everyone else was excited to see it open and we stood in line about an hour each time we rode it, thus cutting down on how much time we had to do other things in the park. It was worth the wait -- and we did it several times. (With the races by the time we were able to check for FastPass, they were gone for the day.)

The other change is one that has been making the Disney boards -- the change to Pirates of the Caribbean. Any Disney park follower has heard about the controversy over changing the Redhead's role. When I first heard about it, I thought they were eliminating the Wenches for Sale section, but I was wrong. They kept the other women in that scene, and gave Red a dominatrix role. In another scene they gave her a sword and had her fighting.

As you can tell, my picture is not great, so I'll direct you to someone else's video. On the one hand, I don't care. On the other hand, I really did want to see the change since I had read about it and Paris was the first of the six theme parks to get the change.

Ashley and I went to ride Pirates again. Unfortunately we got stuck on the ride and were escorted out the back.

Memory is a funny thing. I thought the park was much more crowded this year, but then I looked at my pictures from last year. It was crowded then, too. Maybe next time we should go when 10,000 people aren't there with their families to run races.

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