Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Attack of the Leprechaun

Ashley's school offered a blessing by their 
leprechaun as a fundraiser. For only $5 the school mascot would visit your home for 24-48 hours. It is for a good cause, so we emailed the school on Friday evening. Before we even had a chance to hand in our money, the leprechaun was dancing in our yard. Don noticed him first when he came home from swimming. He called up to Ashley who was initially a bit concerned to have a wee little man on our front yard. Her concerns cleared quickly and she snuck outside to take her own picture.

On Sunday afternoon we came home from some errands and decided to take one last picture -- this time in the sunshine. No sooner had we walked in the house and taken off our shoes did the leprechaun disappear in an unmarked black SUV with tinted windows driven by a red-haired lassie (okay, the SUV did have a school magnet on it). We still haven't found his pot of gold.

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