Sunday, May 22, 2016

Lilies of the Valley

Pray for me.

There are now six days left of school for Ashley. Six. With those six days comes some stress (finals, papers), but many good times. It is definitely bittersweet. Tonight was another last. The last school BBQ and talent show, which meant missing evening worship. I feel emotionally depleted and need that time to recharge spiritually. 

Pray for me to concentrate on my devotions this week so I am open to feeling God's presence.

There have and will be a few huge expenses, unfortunately I have had less income to off-set them. In the beginning of the year I was being called a lot for subbing, and had more freelance work (yet neither paid exceedingly well), but had little free time to pursue a memoir writing business. Now I have free time (and even less income) and have no idea how to pursue paying clients.

Pray for me to be open to business ideas.

Last week at WiNK Rev. Joanne Epply-Schmidt preached about The Samovar. The Samovar is a fancy word for a Russian vessel used to serve tea. A strange man gives this woman a Samovar to keep for him for seven years during which time she will receive great treasures. The Samovar is tarnished beyond repair. As she does something good for others, the Samovar starts to return to its original glory. She tells her husband to keep only what they need and give the rest with the community. After seven years he returns and is amazed at how well she has taken care of the Samovar and tells her she can keep it forever. Joanne did a much better job of telling the story with feeling.

Pray for me as I struggle with how much do we truly need to live? Pray for me to distinguish the wants from the needs.

I'm feeling spiritually and emotionally drained as I write this. I keep reminding myself God clothes the lilies of the valley and feeds the sparrows, surely He will take care of our needs.

Please pray for me. Please tell me how I can pray for you.

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