Saturday, October 18, 2014

It is what it is

Tomorrow I will be running in my first long race of the season -- a 10-mile race to support Friendship House in Newark, DE. A race I only heard about a week ago from friends Jean and Bill. A race I am doing because it supports a good cause, but also because I have not been doing the training I need to do for running a half marathon.

Next weekend I signed up for the Perfect 10 Miler in Mercer County Park. I ran this race last year and loved it -- it is a women's only race not far from my house. The course is FLAT. Many of my friends will be with me.

The following weekend I conclude intensive racing season with the Princeton Half Marathon. THIS is the race that has me quaking in my running shoes. THIS is the race that has me wondering if it will be my first DNF (Did Not Finish). THIS is the race that serious running friends stay away from because of the hills. THIS is the race that cut its time from a maximum 15 minute/mile pace to a 14 minute/mile pace in order to be able to open the roads sooner. THIS is the race I am a committee member for. THIS is the race I was talked into doing so I could wear their GoPro camera to give a back of the pack view. THIS is the race as a committee member I had a say in designing the shirts -- they are awesome and they have women's cut this year.

My training has been minimal to say the least. My longest run to date has been 7.5 miles (a half marathon is 13.1 miles). My second longest run was 6.2 fairly flat miles at Six Flags. My third longest has been a hilly 5.5 miles. While I did maintain less than a 14 minute pace for both training runs (and the one in Massachusetts), it was barely. Both runs (if we can call it that) were off-roading mostly walking experiences. These races are mostly on-road ones. The races will include water and other support (which should help A LOT).

Blame it on my frozen shoulder. Blame it on my sneakers (probably too late to buy new ones now). Blame it on the weather (which has mostly been perfect, so it is hard to blame the weather). Blame it on ennui. It is easy to cast blame. However, it truly comes down to I did not put the work into it and that will be painfully obvious on race days.

Think of me the next few Sunday mornings as I wake before dawn and race before many people are awake. 

Trying to tell myself next year's races will stick between 3.1 and 10 miles -- mostly in the 8K-10K range (5-6.2 miles).

Good thing I'm a strong walker, since even after running for the past few years, I have not become a strong runner, nor a passionate one. We all have our talents, and running is not on of mine, but walking is -- my walking pace might even be faster than my running one. We all get the same medal in the end.

UPDATE: I bought new sneakers. Hoping that helps!

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