Monday, June 30, 2014

International Rose Test Garden (Portland, OR)

When we told people about our plan to go to Portland, OR, two must-dos kept being mentioned: Powell's Bookstore and the rose garden test center. The bookstore I understood, after all I am a librarian, but the rose garden? How exciting could a rose garden be?

The garden is beautiful. It is stunning. It is amazing. It is everything everyone told me it would be. It is also free (that is always a plus on vacation) and was only a mile (uphill-ugh) from our hotel.

The primary purpose of this garden is to test out new varieties of roses. That's it. Quite simple. They also hold competitions. When we were there we saw a girl taking quintenero pictures.

My favorite flower. I love the lavender color.

Cousin Mary met up with us at the park

A rare family picture on vacation

Love the stripes
Powell's was wonderful, too. They are undergoing a massive renovation, and things were moved around, but it was still a fun place to wander.

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