Sunday, June 29, 2014

Viewing the Fireworks at Disneyland

Never on a trip have I watched the fireworks from so many different locations.

1) The classic spot is on Main Street with thousands of your new best friends. Get there early to get a good spot, or get there late (like I did) and the castle seems mighty far away. 

Lesser known places include:

2) The fireworks cruise on Storybook. I've tried to time this one since I first heard about it, but was not successful until this trip. Unfortunately, the trees block most of the view, but even more unfortunately the music is not piped to this location. There is also the "tennis match" feel to the fireworks -- some are behind you, some are in front of you. If you aim for this, sit on the dock side of the boat. I think Don had a better angle than I did.

3) My favorite is seeing them while riding Big Thunder Mountain. Not the best spot for taking pictures (obviously), but I love the feel of riding through the fireworks show. It is like being on a magic carpet.

4) Our hotel room. We always stay at HoJos Anaheim on Harbor Blvd. and request a room with a view of the fireworks. This year we booked too late and were on the second floor instead of higher up, but we could still see the fireworks from our room. No piped music, but I think we have the show's music memorized by now. If need be, we could watch the YouTube version at the same time. The link is to one taken by a friend who runs a Disneyland blog.

5) My new favorite spot, though, is in front of It's a Small World. There are lots of places to sit, and Disney adds a light show in front of Small World. Now that we know about this spot, we probably won't ever watch it again on Main Street.

Do you have a favorite spot to watch the fireworks? Do you have a favorite fireworks show (they do change throughout the year). I was sad it was too windy this trip to see Tinkerbell and Dumbo fly. Fortunately they still had the fireworks show each night.

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