Friday, May 17, 2013

Trash Walk

Most mornings after the bus picks up Ashley behind our house, I take a 3/4 mile stroll through the neighborhood and take the long way back to our house. Most mornings I see litter (especially along Bergen Street where the backs of the houses face the street instead of the fronts). Most mornings I tell myself to bring a bag with me to clean up the litter.

Today was the day I finally remembered to bring that bag.

Part of me felt guilty carrying a single-use plastic bag with me, after all I've really been trying to cut down on our collection. This was particularly true as I passed a fellow committee member who has been much more successful with his efforts to ban plastic from his life than I ever will be.

Other part of me, the part that was happy to be doing something nice for the neighborhood won out. The overall pile was not very big, but on Monday when I take the same walk, I'll be happy to not see the same old trash AGAIN.

If we each do something small, together we can save the planet.

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