Friday, May 17, 2013

Celebration Week

Eleven years ago we realized the middle of May would always be a busy week for us, filled with many celebrations.

I suppose it all began 20 years when we decided to get married on May 15. I love the weather this time of year, plus knew we wanted to take our pictures at our alma mater (Trenton State College), but didn't want a bunch of college students in our way. It was as we were interviewing florists when we first realized our wedding would always be near Mother's Day (it was the following weekend that year).

Fast forward to fall 2001 when we realized our baby's due date was May 13. There was a good chance the baby (we didn't know until Ashley was born that she was a girl) would be born near our anniversary.

Ashley was born on May 17.

That makes three holidays in one week, every single year.

New this year was ArtWorks opening reception for "Unchained," an exhibit that includes Don's first time being chosen to be in an art exhibit.

It is also Bike to Work week. Don has been busy encouraging co-workers to ride to work. As I type, they are enjoying the cookie cake I made for the celebration and will take a group photo later today with their bicycles. Seven employees (just over 1% of the 600 employees in his office) rode their bikes to work this week, including three who rode from Philadelphia to the Mount Laurel office for the first time.

Life is good. We are blessed to be able to have so many reasons to celebrate. As the school year draws to the end -- there will be more celebrations. Father's Day ... Last Day of School ... races

We've got our health, and we've got each other. What more can we ask for?

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