Saturday, May 11, 2019

Goat Yoga

Let Ashley's birthday week celebration begin with Goat Yoga.

We are fully aware that some of you are reading this and laughing us (one being Cousin Laura). Today we went to  Knowhere Farm in Chesterfield, NJ to do Goat Yoga with Zephyr Yoga. It is pretty much what you would expect ... a yoga instructor calls out poses and we do them while having goats crawl on us. It is a craze.

In this case, goat yoga was a fundraiser for NBC Thespians, a school theater group going to Nebraska for a competition. Half of our $30 fee went to the school, and half to the yoga studio. 

Twenty-two of us came out on a perfect spring day -- 60 degrees and sunny. We spread our mats (or in our case our throw blankets) on the grass in a penned up area. The farmers bring the goats to us.

Throughout the yoga session the farmers spread goat food on us and our mats to encourage the goats to hang with us. It was both fun and distracting. I'd get into the yoga zone and be stepped on or bumped into. 

Yes, we were stepped on. In my case my foot was stepped on twice (same foot) and my back (we made an archway for them to crawl under, but they thought over was more fun). Fortunately we were not peed or pooped on, though those are possibilities, after all we are in their home and they are free to be, well, animals.

Definitely an experience. Ashley said she would like to go back sometime, even though there was no hanging upside down like she does in Aerial Yoga.

Knowhere Farm offers goat yoga on the first and third Saturdays of each month. They are raising funds to restore their 200-year old farm house and other farm-related projects.

Now smile for the camera while little goats are crawling on you.

Nursing the little ones. A mother's work is never done.

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