Tuesday, November 27, 2018

"Head Over Heels"

The day before Thanksgiving we decided to get tickets to see "Head Over Heels" on Broadway. The show features 80's music by The Go-Gos with a story loosely tying the music together into the same theme. Think Abba music turning into "Mama Mia," or Billy Joel's music being the inspiration for "Moving Out."

Meanwhile, my sister Melissa and her family decided to try for Broadway Roulette to see a Broadway show on the same night. You can follow the link to see the details about how it works, but basically you agree to a price and it spins the dial and chooses which show you'll see. In theory you save a bunch of money because you gave up choosing the show. "Hamilton" and other higher priced shows are in the mix, along with ones that often have coupons. They scored orchestra. We were pretty excited to be upgraded from balcony to front and center in the Dress Circle. I think we had the better seats because we had no one blocking our view.

The show was campy, filled with energy, witty dialogue, and lots and lots of singing. 

The fun for me, though, came after the show when Ashley and her cousins (Hayden and Aimee, but mostly Hayden) collected autographs. Hayden (14) loves theater. Aimee loves it, too, but by 10:30 PM the thought of a warm bed was more endearing.

The cast could not have been nicer. Many added "please tell your friends and have them come" as they were signing autographs. Less than a week later we learned the show will be closing in January after 188 performances. 

We are doing our bit. Thanks to a sale on TodaysTix (an app that helps you get cheap tickets up to 30 days in the future), we are seeing the show again on December 26.

Sing along with me ... "Vacation, all I ever wanted...." and if you are a fan of 80's music, see the show before it closes.

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