Wednesday, July 11, 2018

"My Future Self Will Thank Me"

Ashley has come up with this charming sentiment: "My future self with thank me." 

The expression started when she changed her sheets and fluffed up all the critters on her bed prior to going on a trip. When she saw the clean sheets and clean room after being away from home for a week she exclaimed "My future self is here now!"

The expression has resonated with me. How can I make my "future self" happy? Exercise is one way. My present self might not enjoy running, but my future self is happy with the results.

I've tried to follow her example and have the house clean and the sheets changed before I go away. It does make me happy to come home to a clean kitchen table instead of a pile of clutter I didn't deal with before I left.

What are things you do to make your "future self" happy?

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