Friday, June 29, 2018

Miss Amy's "I Can Do it Myself"

Last weekend I had a time warp experience -- I went to a Miss Amy Kids concert. For those of you not in the know, Miss Amy is a Rock Star to the preschool set. We most likely first encountered her at one of her library local performances, but followed her to Princeton MarketFair and other venus. She is also a Rock Star to the moms of these preschoolers.

Miss Amy has high energy and enthusiasm. She always his a kind word and encouragement for everyone she meets. Her target audience members are 18 month olds through kindergarten -- an age she says keeps on being born. It is awesome! She is a fabulous role model (for us moms, too) and a Grammy nominated artist. Her Big Kids Band has performed at the White House's Easter Egg Roll.

The sad thing is, as our kids age past Miss Amy's target audience, we stopped seeing Amy as often. My BIL, Chris, is the bassist for her Big Kids Band. He shared with me they were performing around the corner from our house at Terhune Orchards' annual Firefly Festival (which, oddly, is held during the day before the fireflies come out, but while their target audience is still awake).

Even though it has been about a decade since last attending a Miss Amy concert, the words to her songs came right back to me. When she sang "I Can Do it Myself" I started wondering what new lyrics should be added to refer to 16-year olds.

The song can be found HERE. Trust me it is better in person when Miss Amy is interacting with real children instead of playing to the camera and interacting with the camera. 

The words talk about the things the preschooler no longer needs help with, such as getting dressed, and brushing teeth, but I choke up when I listen to the chorus: 

I still need you to you hold my hand, tuck me in and sing so sweet 
( so sweetly).

What does the 16-year old in my life still need me for? The same 16-year old who got her drivers permit this week?

The obvious is ... she still needs me to help her practice driving, she needs me to help her study for hard tests (even if I don't know the topic), and she still needs me for rides. 

I'm sure there are other reasons she needs me, maybe to listen, to love her unconditionally, to support her dreams, and to take her places (can you tell I'm a bit fixated on my role as Mom Taxi?). I do know her 16-year old needs are different from her toddler needs, as they should be. I also know they will change as she grows, which is also how it should be.

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