Tuesday, April 17, 2018


I was talking to a gardener the other day. She told me how much she enjoys deadheading roses. Suddenly I realized that is what I have been doing with my life -- getting rid of what is dead to make room for something beautiful.

It started about ten days ago when I lost my keys in New York City. I took Don's spare key for my car and added the house key I use for running and realized that is all I need. The other items on my key chain (Don's car key, Don's car clicker, key to in-law's house, key to my parents' house, an unidentified key, and several tattered affinity key tags) were just extra weight I was carrying around.

Next came finding out I did not get the job I really wanted -- the one I prayed hard for, the one I could imagine myself excelling in, the one where I mentally decorated my office, the one where I figured out where to store my bike, the one I felt I was destined for. Rather than crying (which part of me wanted to do), I pruned. I took myself off their email list. I unfollowed them on Facebook. Someday I'll hear who they hired instead of me, but in the meantime I am not ready for that announcement and need some distance.

Unsubscribing from that newsletter led to me unsubscribe from any organization whose emails I never open. I'll keep the ones I sometimes open, but why hang onto the ones I literally never open? That led to unfollowing groups on Facebook to free up the newsfeed for news about friends and family. I am also slashing away at memes -- both ones I agree with and ones I disagree with.

Yesterday I pruned a doctor's office out of my life. I should have left that practice years ago. I switched to one around the corner from my house who is in the 21st century with technology. Found a doctor who took time to really talk to me, even after chiding me for choosing him out of the electronic phone book without a recommendation (the experience felt Spirit-driven). I am ready for a change, and this was an easy one.

Where is this leading? Hopefully to freeing me up for good things. Better things.

Earlier this year I pruned freelancing from my life to free myself up to job hunting. Unfortunately I am now without freelance income, and without a new job. But soon, right?

One big addition to my life has been volunteering. For years I have puttered with my volunteering, helping at school or church, but nothing concrete. Last month I entered Dress for Success and it stuck. I return about twice a week to help dress women for interviews (yes, me -- the original blue jeans and ponytail lady helping women look super professional), and prepare for job interviews. Meanwhile, I feel appreciated and am learning what I need to do. They dressed me for my recent interviews, which gave me confidence on the interviews.

I've received my training to interview Princetonians for the Princeton Historical Society. Their program launched yesterday. It could either lead to good things, or become something else pruned in a few months.

I've opened my heart, soul, and mind for a new opportunity. I hope and pray is a part-time job, but I don't know. The hope and optimism I had a week ago when facing four interviews waned when one interview did not go well, another I was denied, and the other two are taking their time letting me know where I stand (never a good feeling).

If you have any job leads, or even ideas about what I would be awesome at doing, please share them with me.

Meanwhile a couple of new friends have entered my life and have become the cheerleaders I really need right now. I'm often the one to cheer on my friends, but my enthusiasm has been waning. Thankful these friends are stepping up when I need them the most.

Send some good thoughts -- but even more important send some job leads and tell me what type of job you think is the right match for my skills.

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