Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Colonial Ball

Last year I blogged a recap of the Colonial Balls we have attended during Patriot's Week over the past decade. This year's ball was very similar. Sue did the calling again. This year I heard her explain in Colonial times people would hire a male dance master to teach their children how to dance properly. At the end of his stay, someone would host a ball so they could use their new skills. She added her "husband died, so [she] took over for him." Sue's new gown arrived two days before the ball. Her new side hoops arrived the day before from France.

Ashley has long outgrown her Colonial dresses. Maia also does not have a Colonial gown. The girls rummaged through Ashley's closet and got dressed up, at least for 14-year-olds.

Don wore his trusty tux. I wore a dress I've worn before. It is long-ish and flowy which makes it fun for dancing. After seeing Patti and Neil dressed up, I wished I wore my Colonial gown. Hopefully I will feel so inspired next year.

A change for this year was before everyone started dancing, a couple who knows how to dance the minuet showed off their skills. Then we started with a march (easy peasy) that ended with us being divided into four columns of pairs, perfectly lined up for the first dance.

I found I laughed more during this ball than in the past. We are all becoming more comfortable with the steps, so I didn't have to concentrate as hard. Of course, whenever I thought "I've got this one!" I would turn in the wrong direction. Sue told us about a group that meets on the first Friday of each month in Newtown, PA that is very open to "beginners." I'd like to think by now we have at least graduated to the "intermediate" stage. I'll never have the grace of an advance person.

This year Chris joined us for the first time. Once Aimee hit her bedtime, he took her home early. 

The ball is still a bargain at $17.76 in advance, or $20 at the door.

A few more parting picture:

PS: The lighting at the Masonic Temple makes it challenging to take a good picture until the end of the night when they turn all the lights back on.

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