Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Blessing of the Dragon

No photos today as I took Sandy Dragon to be blessed. Sandy is well known among St. Ann's School for being a cool dragon. For the past four years I have taken him to be blessed, after all he was 8 when we adopted him and they only live 8-10 years. He needs all the extra help he can get (but, then again, don't we all).

I thought I blogged about it each year, but can only find a post from 2012 and one from 2014.

The service is based in the liturgy of St. Francis of Assisi -- the patron saint of animals. There is usually too much barking to hear what is actually happening during the service. At St. Ann's they drop a bit of oil on his head. The service at Northstar is more personalized where they ask about the animal and lay hands on the animal and his caretakers while saying a personalized prayer. We plan to return to that on Thursday night.

Today I brought Sandy to the school. He has been really lethargic lately, I suspect shedding taking a ton of energy and he has been shedding for a month or two. Unlike snakes, bearded dragons shed bit by bit by bit by bit by bit in an agonizingly long process. When they are little they shed a lot in order to grow. At his age he is not growing, but he sheds anyway.

In the car ride over he decided to start moving. This is often followed by pooping. I did not put him in a carrier because he has been lethargic, and because it is only a 3 mile suburban drive. I wrapped him in a towel. He walked out of it. I tried again. He squiggled again.

We get to the school. People come up to us to see the dragon. Many have never seen a dragon before up close. They want to touch him. That's fine. He is a mighty lazy dude. This experience might turn them on or turn them off to all reptiles. Sandy is up for the challenge -- except.... except he really has to poop and he has to do it now. 

All the school kids go through the line. It is now time for the parishioners and members of the public to have their animals blessed. There are not many of us left. I put him on the cold driveway. This brings a class of 4th graders (I guess) to check him out. They respectfully stand away from him, but still some want to touch him. I explain he is about to poop. Cool! Says the boys. Eww! Says some other boys. 

He poops (but does not pee, which is the white part that comes out before the poop). He seems to have more in him. The secretary is asking me to have him blessed so Father Gerard can go inside again (it is a bit brisk out).

I scoop up the dragon, towel and all, and hope for the best. 

Yes! Sandy is blessed, and he does NOT "christen" the priest's vestments. 

I put him back in the car, where he does not squiggly, and take him back to his warm 95 degree tank. Must feel better than the 60 degree driveway.

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