Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lady Who Lunches

Nearly 12 years ago I left the world of regular paid employment when my princess entered my life. It was the right decision for our family. 

After a couple of years of mommy and me classes and talking about potty training, I thought my head would explode. 

Enter graduate school.

In 2008, with my MLIS I was ready to return to the land of regular employment. Well, not quite yet. That was the time we decided to home school Ashley for first and second grade. A decision I don't regret as it brought us closer, while also providing her with a solid foundation.

That brings us up to 2010. Over the past four years I had a series of job interview for "perfect" jobs, that were only perfect in my mind. Meanwhile, I started a freelance career, substitute taught, and became a "lady who lunches." 

Over the past four years I've been able to reconnect with childhood friends, such as Sylvia; friends from college, such as Robin; friends from post-college, yet pre-kids, such as Meave; and friends from mommy and me days, such as Carin, Laura, and Nancy; and grad school friends, such as Sharon. Most recently Jean and I went to Winterthur together. Thursday I met up with Marlene in NYC. Marlene and I met over 25 years ago in Belgium and often catch up when I'm in Montreal, where she now lives. This week I drove down to Don's office and had lunch with him and a co-worker (Chris) who commutes from (ironically enough) Montreal. I know I'm leaving important people off of this list! The great thing about being online is that I can add more names later. It was not on purpose.

During that same time I volunteered at Ashley's school, with churches, and other local organizations. Anyone who does that will tell you it can feel like you have an unpaid job. On those rare days when I am home, I scrapbook, take pictures, and go for runs. Sometimes I even clean the house. I often make homemade dinners, such as our Meatless Mondays, and am the taxi service.

I recently accepted my first real job since 2002 -- school librarian at Roosevelt Public School (no "s" on the end of school, since there is only one). Next month I will receive my first direct deposit paycheck -- that will be really weird! Meanwhile my freelance work continues and I'm busier and happier than I have been since before the first snowfall this winter. Hmm... maybe my happiness has more to do with seeing the grass and the sun than anything else. Feels good in any case.

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