Thursday, February 6, 2014

Grounds for Sculpture-Winter

The Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ (according them, only "minutes" away from Princeton) is beautiful all year round. Often crowded with school groups and families, it was a rare treat to have the place to ourselves.

Grounds for Sculpture is located on 42 acres, on the site of the former State Fairgrounds (former as in long before my time in Central Jersey). The feature 260 outdoor sculptures, including many by J. Seward Johnson, the founder of the sculpture garden and visionary behind it. 

After many years of debate, this year we decided to become members. One of my goals was to visit the grounds at least four times -- once in each season. We joined in August, I returned in October during the peak of fall foliage, and returned in January and February to take pictures in the snow. 

Wear boots if you plan on going in the winter as only some of the paths are plowed. There are also two indoor galleries and a cafe where you can go to warm up on a cold day.

Here are some of my snow pictures from Monday's storm, before the ice took over on Wednesday. Enjoy!

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