Thursday, July 4, 2013


Nearly 25 years ago Don started a collection out of something most people would consider trash: Coca-Cola cans. Not just any Coke cans -- international Coke cans.

I honestly cannot remember how the tradition started. I'm sure it was an off-hand joke to a friend traveling to some far-off locale. I remember bringing him back a Coke can when I was on exchange to Paris fall of 1989. I even scored one from Ireland on the flight over (though I think that one was tossed out by a cleaning person in my dorm room). 

Wendy has made it a quest to find us Coke cans from the most obscure locations. When she can't find a can, she brings us a cap, or a specially made shirt (which yes, he has worn in public).

Just prior to leaving I double-checked our collection for one from Japan. Imagine my surprise when I did not find one.

Welcome the newest can(s) to the collection:

We have a spare in case one did not make it home safely.

Please feel free to continue to add to our collection. :)

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